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About Lewis Empire

Lewis Empire - Making Money Online, Real Estate and Investing
Lewis is a guy who likes to talk about, think about and take action on making money! (Do you need to know more?)

I’m a Bachelor of Commerce graduate and currently work in the energy industry. In my spare time I develop websites, learn about personal finances and investing. After a discussion with a friend of mine, I decided to start my own blog and talk about everything I love to the world (that would be you…)

My plans for this blog is to post information that really helps people with either making more money, investing their money better or saving money. I have the privilege of attending a number of motivational and training seminars each year so I’ll make sure to post about those.

My main experience has been in Real Estate investing and online business development in the past. I have used Adwords extensively to attract customers to a number of websites and look forward to getting back the cash by using Google Adsense! As I am fairly new at blogging my site may go through some changes but please bear with me! I’ll guarantee that I’ve got great information and continue to post about relevant issues.

I am currently publishing articles about Real Estate and other topics. Here is my Resource Box information as posted on Ezinearticles.com:

Lewis is an Author and Real Estate expert with years of experience, research and training in Real Estate Investing, Wealth Creation and Goal Setting. Dynamic, intelligent and exciting, Lewis holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree and consults in Consultative Sales Practices, Online Marketing, Web Development and Business Start-ups.

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Thanks for visiting! I appreciate any comments you have and will reply to questions and value-added statements.

Have fun, make money, create wealth, enjoy life…