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Amazon Affiliate Question Response from JohnChow.com

Recently, John wrote and article called Why I Am Not An Amazon Affiliate in response to a question I asked in an earlier posting (Working Four Hours A Week).  I appreciate his excellent review of the Amazon Affiliate program and can see that he both reads and values the opinions and questions from his readers.

I myself am an Amazon affiliate although I have not made a significant amount of money from the program.  With such a low payout and such high competition from Large Bricks-and-mortar store reward cards, there are too many distractions from making significant cash flow from book sales.  That being said, if I’m going to write a book review that I find of value to my readers, I want to have the link available for them to find and buy.  The most important thing I believe is to make sure a book review is high quality and not posted just to make an extra buck.

As you can see I am fairly new to the world of blogging and have learned a lot from John.  My experience in the ‘real world’ is in web development, commodity sales, marketing, strategic consulting and real estate investment.  As I develop and continue to post information to my website I look forward to receiving your comments and suggestions.

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