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Facebook Group Networking

About a year ago I listened to the ‘One Minute Millionaire’ and loved the idea of creating a business group that would meet to discuss trends, real estate, investing and making money in general. At the time, I was unsure of an easy way to keep the network together and keep in touch regularly.

Facebook has provided me with a great way to stay in touch with my group and, although this is a new experiment for me, I am excited about the prospects. Each of the members in the group are able to invite someone so the site basically grows by word-of-mouth only – no outside members!

Two things to remember about creating a group on Facebook:

The first is that Facebook is not a place to be trading information that you would not want read by outsiders. If you are discussing a business idea, trademarks or anything private then do not use this service. There are privacy statements on the website; however, it is a For Profit organization and there have been enough information security breaches out there that I wouldn’t want a million dollar idea floating around the net.

The second thing to remember is to choose “This Group is Secret” when completing the free setup. This way, no one will be able to simply join and search for or see your group in the public domain.

If you want to start a group like this here is the text that I used to invite the first members:

This is a private group created so that friends/associates/colleagues who are interested in investing, business, real estate and networking can discuss their ideas in a less public venue.

Since this is a first shot at a group like this, I can only say that I hope it can expand to include people that are connected through trusted inner circles and create great opportunities for wealth.
It’s difficult to find a few people who share your interest in business, investing and wealth creation in everyday life. Maybe with this group, we can all expand our network then (hopefully) Retire Young and Retire Rich!
Remember: this is still a VERY public site so it would be best to leave anything you want out of the public domain off the wall or other postings.

If you’re like me you really don’t care what a guy from your 2nd grade class is up to (you have enough trouble keeping up with your good friends now.) Have fun with Facebook and simply use it as another tool for creating wealth.