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Welcome to Lewis Empire dot Com!

I’m excited to finally have this site up and running! I’ve created a number of online businesses in the past and was excited to have the opportunity to share everything I’ve learned about success (and everything I’m still learning) with you.

I created this site as a place to discuss making money. I’m interested in any possible way to create wealth that’s both legal and adds value to other people. With these two criteria in place, there are literally millions of dollars out there waiting to be made. I want this site to help other people gain their independence and join the ranks of millionaires around the world.

A quick bit about me: I hold a bachelor of commerce degree but I’ve found that the best business and success education I’ve received has come from my colleagues and duties in the field. I have extensive experience in web development, marketing (on and off-line), consultative sales, real estate, statistical analysis, business modeling and strategic goal setting. I’m also an artist but that’s another topic all together!

Please feel free to leave a comment or, if you find a brilliant way to make money out there, share it and I’ll give you credit on the site. I look forward to hearing from you and sharing great ideas!