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A Great Post on Blogging by Courtney Tuttle

I was just surfing the web a little and I came across this great post by a fellow blogger named Courtney Tuttle. His posting is called 10 Easy Ways To Make Yourself Look Like a Blogging Newbie.

I’ve spent so much time over the past few weeks reading about blogging and making money online that it was very refreshing to read a posting like this. Basically Courtney points out everything I have either done or thought about doing! Since I have really only had this blog going since June 23rd I’m definitely a newbie. If Courtney makes his way over here I’d appreciate any comments you may have!

I have one last point to add to his list:
#11 – Make sure (by coincidence) you decide to upgrade from WordPress 2.0 to 2.2.1 at the same time that a major blog player decides to answer your question and gives you a linkback to his thousands of readers – see Amazon Affiliate Question Response from JohnChow.com.
(Luckily I fixed the problem within a few minutes!)