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A How To Guide for the New Blogger

I just read this posting by Courtney Tuttle over at CourtneyTuttle.com called 5,263 Words on Starting a Profitable Blog. Yes, you may look at this and say, “5,263 words? That’s an eBook not a posting!”
I’d love to see Courtney turn this into an eBook rather than one big posting. A lot of people just want to read a quick help file and move on – these people are not the audience. As an eBook, Courtney would have a viral marketing tool to distribute and would filter out the people interested in following his advice from those too lazy to sit back and read it. Maybe just a PDF version that I could print and read on my (soon to be completed) stone patio?

Not to take anything away from this great information, I would highly suggest that any new bloggers read through the entire text. Thanks again for the info Court!