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Adding Value To Those Who Support Your Site

Ever since I started this blog I have been doing more and more research about generating organic traffic and increasing readers through my RSS Feed. Throughout the short but informative process I have learned a few key things about attracting and keeping readers.

Show the Love

When John Chow sent a link back to my site in two separate postings (Shout Out To The Top Commentators and Why I Am Not An Amazon.com Affiliate) I realized the importance of creating a blog that allows for interaction between me and those who read my posts. Not only did I receive a great deal of new traffic, but it increased my loyalty to his site.

When a visitor chooses to read my blog I value both their contributions through comments AND the information they provide me. I truly believe that when readers take the time to leave comments on a site, and if the comment deserves a broader response or update, the blogger should write a new post and give a linkback to the visitor! These are the people who are supporting your site so make sure they get as much value from your site as they can.

Get the Feed

The second thing I’ve learned is that by joining other blogger RSS feeds I am continually updated as to the important information available from different sources with different skills, experience and viewpoints. If your blog currently has 100 unique visitors a month you may get some great information from larger more established blogs but there are invaluable posts from people who are new as well. As a new blogger myself, I learn more from posts that detail great ways to generate new traffic than I do from blogs that talk about using techniques that require 100,000 page views a month!

Get Active in the Blogger Community

Make Bags of Money with Lewis Empire dot ComThe third thing I notice is that people follow commonly linked websites. You have probably seen my Moneybags image in a number of locations around the web. I really believe that it’s important to stay active in the blogger community, add-value with great comments and start to create your own personal brand for your site. This will involve a lot of time to maintain but the goal here is to retire young isn’t it?