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Digg Drops Google for Microsoft – Great STUFF

Here’s some new news from Digg that I found while surfing the web today at ClickZ.com. Apparently Digg has chosen to drop Google as their domestic advertisement supplier and has chosen Microsoft to take over the program. I know that there are a lot of people out there who hate Microsoft but personally, I couldn’t care less about which company holds the three year contract.

The best part about this article is the quote by Adam Sohn, director of Online Services Group for Microsoft. He said:

Having a company like Digg that is at the cutting edge of the community driven stuff, and Facebook at the cutting edge of the social networking stuff, that’s’ where there is the meeting of the minds

Community driven STUFF? Social Networking STUFF? No wonder Microsoft has lost so much of it’s global clout to companies like Google when their Director of Online Services refers to an entire paradigm shift on the internet as STUFF! He says that there is a meeting of the minds. Based on this quote (and of course I have no other information about Adam Sohn whatsoever) I’d say that the meeting of the minds will involve a lot of catch-up in cutting edge stuff for Microsoft.