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Finding a Mentor and Increasing Wealth

When dealing with success, one sure way to move yourself forward is to find a mentor that will move you forward. When I say this, I don’t mean that you need to go out and hire a high priced personal or professional coach. What I mean is that you need to find people that are succeeding in the area you are and model their success!

When I started looking at real estate investing I really needed a good real estate coach. After looking through all the available authors, I stumbled upon Robert G. Allen. The best part was that he had a summer place in the same area as I did. In fact, I had actually met him a number of times before I realized who he was!

I decided to take him on as a mentor. I read everything he wrote and listened to free seminars. I even attended a few of his events. Through it all, I was pushed forward and learned so much just from modeling a expert in the field.

In your area of success, I would suggest that you do the same thing. If you are interested in real estate investing then get advice from the likes of Robert G. Allen or Raymond Aaron. If you prefer to make your money online with blogging, try someone like John Chow at John Chow dot Com. Read what they have written and follow their advice.

Remember, a mentor does not need to be someone who sits next to you each day and holds your hand. A mentor is any person who, through their actions or lessons, help move you forward towards your goals. If you can successfully integrate mentors into your investing or wealth creation, you will have a jump start on others who falsely believe they need to do it on their own.