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How Often Should a Blog Stay On Topic?

I was thinking about this question two nights ago as I sat down to write a posting on Real Estate Investing. I had most of it written when I realized that Real Estate Investing has very little to do with the main topic for my blog. While I am not a full-blown ‘Make Money Online’ blog, I have chosen to write about investing, personal growth, motivation and of course making money. Through the journey I’ve had for the last month, and the great articles I continue to read on other blogs, my money making postings tend to focus on web based subjects.

As I sat at my computer waiting to Publish the article, I realized that I’d probably lose the interest of a large number of readers who want to learn how to make money through the internet. As you can see I did not decide to post the Real Estate article. Instead, I decided to start a new blog at RealEstateStarttoFinish.com to write about my experience in Real Estate Investing as well as buying/selling property and mortgages. It was originally a little site I started in early June before I began LewisEmpire.com so I reposted many of the articles as blog posts (and of course backdated the timestamps.)

My motivation for today’s post was from an article posted by Nate Whitehill called Analyzing My RSS Subscriber Growth. The article talks about the success that Nate has had with building his RSS to 443 readers (as of July 27, 2007) and the jump in readership that happened at 3 months and beyond. The part that really caught my eye was a comment by another reader David Wilkinson of Techzi.net who said:

Fantastic article! My RSS has been up and down of late. My blog commenters seem to prefer the tech stuff, my RSS readers seem to prefer the business/entrepreneur stuff and whichever I’m doing, I’m getting a faceful of ‘angry’ comments. ;)

Maybe I need to start a new blog…

While the sample group is very small, this may have confirmed my decision! Starting a new Real Estate blog will allow me to write about a topic that has a very specific audience – one that may not attract people interested in making money online. I want to make sure people reading my site know what they are going to receive each day. While a random humorous post, video or personal story works in a blog, there needs to be focus in the overall theme and create value for the reader’s time.

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