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It’s Already Been Done, So Make It Better

On Wednesday night I was driving to the lake for the weekend and I was listening to an amazing Business Seminar on tape (yes cassette tape). The seminar was by T. Harv Ecker who brought together dozens of the best money makers in different areas for a three day seminar.

Each speaker, including Robert G. Allen (Nothing Down), had great information to offer. One speaker inparticular struck me as an amazing success story. Lee was a 29 year old entrepreneur who had brought the teachings of Anthony Robbins and the like to Taiwan. His secret to a $200,000 per month net income was to take the best of what’s available out there (books, audios, videos), add one or two new ideas and repackage and sell it as ‘the best new investing/real estate/motivational book available.’ Isn’t this what successful people have been doing for years?

This reminded me of all the blogs around the web. Who cares if a blogger that I read finds out about something from another source? I read their blog and want to hear their reaction to the release of a new pluggin, blogging tool etc. A colleague of mind always reminds me:
Everything is marketing has already been done.

All we need to do is take the best ideas, repackage them to fit our needs then launch our offers.

This is great advice for blogging too. Your readers may not read 100 other blogs; they may only read yours. If something has helped you succeed, share it so your readers and community can flourish!

Just remember, there is a big difference between making something better and copying someone elses work. Add a unique spin on an idea and create great value. An amazing quote I like to pass on is,

If you help enough people get what they want, you will be able to have whatever you want in the world.