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Lessons from Monday Night Soccer – Game 3

It was another hot night on the field and we pulled another stunning victory off to a viewing crowd of two. Once again the night was about 98 degrees F and I went through about 5 bottles of water. I also went through about 1/2 a medium pizza before the game which didn’t help one bit. Of course, with a new night of soccer comes new lessons to be learned:
1. Create your team and remove the problems
Since I started playing soccer again last September, I have made some excellent friends and have a great team. This being said, it did not start out entirely perfect. I joined as an individual player (with my brother) and we were placed on a team of all individuals. Of the whole group (which I am still thankful for) there were a couple of players who just didn’t ‘fit’. We continued playing with them for a second season but by the third it was done. We removed them from the team and have had great success without them since.
Lesson Learned: Cut out the ‘poison pill(s)’ in a team and create a core group that will lead you to success

2. Put all your people in the right positions
I’ve got a Guy on our team who originally played as goalie during the winter indoor soccer season. He played amazingly well and we had great success with him in net. As outdoor soccer came along, another player on the team stepped up (during or goalie’s absence) and put on the gloves. He was outstanding! When the original guy returned, we had a big decision to make. We moved him from goal to forward and he has since scored about 2 goals a game for the team!
Lesson learned: Even if you’ve got an amazing team, make sure the individuals are in the best position possible

3. Set your priorities
Once again I was working on my stone paver patio all day today. I am happy to say that I’m now about 2 days from being finished; however, it has been a long process. I realized today the importance of setting your priorities in life. I spent every minute from 10am to 3:30pm working in the hot sun. By game-time (6:30pm) I was already tired and dehydrated. It didn’t take long for me to be out of breath and ready to have a nap! Although I did score a great goal, it took an entire half before I got my game back.
Lesson Learned: Make sure you prioritize your activities and don’t let down a commitment to your team

When I talk about your team I don’t necessarily mean a soccer or other sports team. I am talking about your success group that helps you move forward with Achieving Your Goals. If you haven’t already, you need to find a Mentor, be it online, by audio recordings, books or in person, and motivate your way to wealth.

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