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Goal Setting

More Lessons from Monday Night Soccer

Once again we had a very successful game and, while I will spare you the entire story, took advantage of our great physical stamina (can you tell I’m joking) and pulled another win out of the bag. Throughout the course of the game and at drinks afterwards I learned some more lessons courtesy of my team.

1. 7 people with good skills will beat 12 people with fancy plays
The Stars are a great group of people who truly enjoy playing with each other. Tonight we played against a team who had a lot of skill but tried to make perfect fancy plays rather than the ugly grinder goals that the Stars get. I link this to two different lines: The first is analysis paralysis. Don’t wait until the stars align to launch your plan; ready, shoot, aim. The second example is to spend all your time trying to monetize a site and not add any quality content for people top read.
Lesson Learned: Create a game plan, stick to your game plan until it stops working, then adjust your game plan.

2. Don’t lose your cool when the game is over
In the league that I play in we are ranked based on wins, spirit points then goal differential. Last season it was our spirit points that allowed us team to play for the top six rather than the next group. In tonight’s game the other team played fairly and there were no major incidents. In the last minute of the game, one of the other players (obviously upset about losing) riddled off a string of swears when he thought we made a bad call. The whole game was well played but this guy risked the spirit point value of the whole game just to lose his cool. I’ll still give them full points but probably shouldn’t.
Lesson Learned: If you’re going to lose your cool there had better be a lot to gain and almost nothing to lose!

3. Negotiate when it matters
After the win the team went to a seedy little bar for drinks, nachos and wings. One of the players on our team saw on the menu that wings were on sale for 40 cents each. He felt this was a little steep and proceeded to negotiate a lower price (35 cents each). Based on what I could see, this annoyed the server, our order came out about 15 minutes later than it should have and we all got a little embarrassed. Total savings: $4.20. In the end I think we tipped the server an extra $5 just for the trouble!
Lesson Learned: Use negotiation to get ahead and make sure your position is positive once the negotiation is complete. At the very least, don’t embarrass you friends!

After all of this we actually won the game 5-3 with some stunning team work and about 2 gallons of water each. I’ve never played in that temperature before and I hope I don’t anytime soon!