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Three Lessons from Monday Night Soccer

I think it’s important to continually learn from everything you do. Earlier this evening I played in the first summer league game of soccer for my team the “Stars” (originally we were the Shooting Stars but that was quickly dropped after season 1) and I had a number of great insights as the game went on.

1. There are people that you can’t stand on first sight – I don’t know why but every once in a while there are people you come across that simply rub you the wrong way. During today’s game, I happened to play against that person. I decided to turn the negative feeling into motivation. No matter what, I was going to defend my net and not allow him to score.
Lesson learned: If you work hard toward your goal those people who, either physically or emotionally, hold you back will drop off your radar.

2. Saying sorry will go a long way – one of the players on my team (who is usually pretty calm) was kicked in the ankle by a player on the other team. He turned around and said, “you kicked me in the ankle.” The other player just looked at him blankly. He said again, “You kicked me in the ankle, are you at least sorry?” Again, blank stare. Two minutes later this guy took a full steam ball to head courtesy of my teammate.
Lesson learned: In most cases saying sorry will help smooth things over and save an unnecessary conflict (or at the very least stop a ball from crushing your face)

3. Don’t let attraction cloud your judgement – as the game wore on and we scored our 3rd goal, the other team put a newbie soccer player in net. One of my teammates was very attracted to her. After a very weak 4th goal this Guy actually grabbed the goalie gloves off our goaltender and was going to give them to her! I’m not playing World Cup Soccer but this is a competitive league! Needless to say, we didn’t (and probably won’t) let him live this one down…
Lesson learned: Your team will turn on you if you don’t support them. When you’re working, stay committed and keep your eyes on the goal – leave the lust for after work!

After all of this, I’m sure you all want to know the results: My team won by a score of 6-1 and I was able to score two goals and assist two. One might say that I missed my calling; however, I have never blogged about the injuries and sore muscles that always follow on Tuesday! Does A-535 Muscle Rub and ICE have an affiliate program?

To see a quick clip of the game, have a look at this video: