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To Digg or Not to Dig

I’ll begin by giving a quick apology for not posting anything yesterday. I decided it was time to get rid of a big portion of grass in my yard and put in a stone paver patio. I thought that it would take about 2 day or so to complete. I was wrong…

Yesterday it was over 100 degrees (38 Celsius) and apparently I didn’t’ drink enough water. Needless to say, I almost died (or so it felt) and had a nice migraine headache all night.

Stepping back a few days, I had a true experience as to how the internet has changed in our lives. In planning for this project I knew I would need a few people to help me dig out the 8 inch deep area of my yard. I walked up to a friend of mine and said,

Do you dig?

He looked at me and replied,

Do I Digg, D-I-G-G?

I couldn’t help but to laugh. Another colleague who was standing next to me had a blank look on her face and was probably wondering what the heck we were talking about. (For those of you who are wondering yourselves, have a look at the little “Digg This Story” button at the bottom of this post.)

What a long way we’ve come. I was recently listening to a tape series by Ramond Aaron about making money in Real Estate. This set was recorded live about 14 years ago. During the conversation he mentions the internet and asks, “How many people have heard of the internet…only a few, so how many of you have heard of a homepage?” We’ve gone from that to confusing manual labor with giving my posting a Digg!

Through all of this I started to realize that society is being deeply divided into those who know technology and those who don’t. Most of the blogs I read talk about making money online or marketing your site. I think the real problem with most people who don’t succeed is that they are still thinking in the industrial age mentality. I also realized that in order to find success the levels I want, that I also need to change my mentality and move towards a quicker, and more value-added service level for people reading my blog. Is this a stupid thing to get motivated over? Probably, but I really believe that if you can find inspiration in everyday life, you can continually boost yourself higher.