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Using Articles To Drive Free Traffic To Your Blog

Just before I started this blog a friend of mine introduced me to Article Marketing. The premise behind Article Marketing is to write articles that target specific words or phrases that are highly searched but have few ‘optimized search results’. If you can find these sets of words and get an article posted on a respected free article website, you should find yourself at the top of Google’s search results within a few days.

Just for clarification Optimized Search Results are the results you will get from entering a specific set of keywords or a phrase with quotations around them. For example if you enter the term blog crime true you will receive 7,470,000 pages displayed; however, the optimized results of typing “blog crime true” results in 463 pages. Using the Overture keyword tool through Nichebot I see that this phrase generated 1,778 searches in the last 30 days.

Why does this matter to you? Because this is a great way to generate free traffic, and create a great niche for yourself. My first suggestion is to find a topic that you are already passionate about and then find the optimized terms. As you probably already know, writing about a topic that you don’t care about will quickly kill your blog (yes readers will clue in.)

One other thing, sometimes you can find phrases that are simply too strange to understand or how they could get so many searches. I found one recently that falls into this category: blog business changing conversation customer naked talk way

  • 7,623 Searches
  • 1,280 Optimized Results

I would love ideas about an article with this as a title!

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve posted a total of 6 articles through Ezinearticles – usually spaced about 2 days apart. Since the first article was accepted on June 19th I have received 329 views of the articles. Of these about 10% of the people click through the link in my Resource Box resulting in 33 free visitors who are INTERESTED in what I have written about! The best part is, these pages stay live forever. Just keep your content fresh and they’ll keep coming back.

Let me know how it works for you and any great terms you’ve found!

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