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Using Comments to Get Linkbacks

After reading a few popular blogs I was surprised by the number of comments that were being posted by the same 10 or 20 people. For a little while I didn’t realize why people were so dedicated to making their opinions heard (although I wouldn’t be a blogger if that wasn’t the case.) Most of the time the comments were just simple “I agree” or “Great post” but there were lots of them.

As I thought about it more, I realized that those bloggers that can get into the top 5 or 10 commentators receive a free link back from sites highly ranked by Google. If you look to the sidebar on this blog you can see the Top Commentators box – a plugin available through WordPress. At the time of this post the following top 5 commentators are listed:

I thought about writing this posting today because a fellow John Chow reader called A Video A Day left a great posting. She said:

i’m poor but i still get link love by being a top commentator

As a strategy this can be a very effective way to generate some traffic for your site and receive a higher ranking through Google. These are not paid advertisements or links; however, they will receive the same level of importance as a paid linkback! Just think, if you can spend 15 minutes a day commenting on other people’s blogs you will get the same value as people who currently spend $100 or more a week.

The important thing to do is to find blogs with the Top Commentators or a similar titled section. Make a few postings (depending on the popularity it may be 3 or 4 a day) and let Google do the rest. I have started using this strategy and it seems to be working. My next step is going to be to find some smaller sites that maybe require 1 or 2 postings a week for a top spot. I also want bloggers who respect the people who leave comments. See Shout Out To The Top Commentators by John Chow for a great way to pay back your readers.

I look forward to seeing your comments here on this post. If you get in the top 10 then there’s one more link back to your site!