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What Type of Post Needs a Comment?

Back in early July, I wrote a posting about Using Comments to Get Linkbacks. Although I still agree with this concept, I’ve started to think more about the value-added piece that I continue to promote. My question is:

Why do so many people make comments on posts that are completely unrelated to the main blog topic?

A recent post by John Chow called Letting Off Steam at Steamworks is a post about a dinner that John attended with some friends, colleagues and fellow bloggers. While I think it’s great that John shows his personal side to his readers, I can’t understand the 61 comments that were posted on the site. I guess if you’ve got over 6,400 RSS readers a select few will create a forum through your comments; however, making comments about someone else eating lunch astounds me!

After only a month of actively blogging, I’m beginning to really focus my time and try to create a great readership with my content. I’m not going to say that I’ve never commented on postings like this one but I’m beginning to feel more strongly that comments should:

  • Add new information
  • Show your personal opinion about a topic
  • Challenge the writer’s facts or opinion
  • Give a thumbs up or thanks to the author (Digg it as well!)
  • Ask a question of the author
  • Give additional links to other sources of information

I would suggest that as you read blogs around the web, that you make comments on postings that help you move toward your goals or challenge your opinions! I plan to continue using comments as a way to generate traffic for Lewis Empire, generate free content for other bloggers and build a community of fellow bloggers to discuss successes with. I’m sure I’ll see you around the web!