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7 WordPress Plugins That Work

Here’s a quick update of the plugins that I have installed on LewisEmpire.com and those that I think really work. Some save you time, some make you money and some even bring in visitors!

I have included the direct link for each of these plugins to the linked website. If you’re more comfortable, you can find each of these using the WordPress Plugin directory to search for these tools.

AdSense Deluxe
This great plugin allows you to manage your Google AdSense or Yahoo Search Marketing display ads without any work or worry. Since Google limits their ads to three per page you need to be really careful that you don’t break their terms. This plugin will manage that for you and allow you to focus on creating content. You can find it at AdSense Deluxe plugin for WordPress.
My Ranking:
Save You Time: 4/5
Make You Money: 5/5
Bring In Visitors: -1/5 (some visitors hate advertising all together!)

All In One SEO Pack
Using this tool changes your posts from looking like this:
Lewis Empire >> Blog Archives >> Take The Challenge And Create Success
Take The Challenge And Create Success | Lewis Empire
It may not really matter to you yet, but just wait until that first person runs a Google search for your key terms. Which one are they more likely to choose? Now you see why the 2 minutes it takes to download and install is worth it! Get it at All In One SEO Pack plugin for WordPress
My Ranking:
All around: 5/5

Brian’s Threaded Comments
The most important part of a blogger’s world is to create a sense of community around your site. Let people know that you are a real person with real experience behind you. That’s what the comments do. Now, take it one step further and create a forum-like atmosphere where your readers can interact and respond to specific comments by other readers. Also, you can directly respond to each person on your blog. That’s what this plugin does for you. Remember to do a backup of your original comments file prior to upload! Grab this plugin at Brian’s Threaded Comments plugin for WordPress.
My Ranking:
Save You Time: 0/5
Make You Money: 0/5
Bring In Visitors: 4/5

del.icio.us – Bookmark this!
This plugin is truly tasty (sorry for the bad humor.) It allows you to show a range of social network and bookmark items (including del.icio.us) for each of your posts. If you want people to be able to remember your posts (and I hope you do) then this one is great. Get is at del.icio.us plugin for WordPress
My Ranking:
Save You Time: 3/5
Make You Money: 0/5
Bring In Visitors: 4/5

FeedBurner FeedSmith
Do you want to feel really popular? This is where you feel the love! If you’ve got a large RSS membership, you probably have a great site and opportunities really open up for you. This is another easy upload with some minor modifications to your RSS feed. Get it at FeedBurner FeedSmith plugin for WordPress.
My Ranking:
Save You Time: 1/5
Make You Money: 3/5
Bring In Visitors: 5/5

Show Top Commentators
This is a great tool to help create a sense of community and reward those people who participate in your site. This plugin shows the people who have made the most comments on your site in the past X days. I would suggest that for a new blog you should start with a yearly renewal. As you get more people visiting, try changing the time to monthly and then on to 7 days. this one will keep people coming back and making comments on your site. For more on comment strategy read my post Using Comments To Get Linkbacks. Get this plugin at Show Top Commentators plugin for WordPress.
My Ranking:
Save You Time: 0/5
Make You Money: 0/5
Bring In Visitors: 4/5 (More participation equals more return visitors)

This one was a bit of a challenge to upload but I think it’s worth it. This plugin shows the Avatar images (as seen to the sidebar under Recent Readers) for everyone who makes a comment on your site. This plugin does very little except add a little color and let you show a face (or an image) to a comment. Get it at MyAvatar plugin for WordPress.
My Ranking:
Save You Time: 0/5
Make You Money: 0/5
Bring In Visitors: 1/5

I hope these help you create a successful blog. Obviously it doesn’t take much to run a great series of posts but adding a little extra with the plugins does make a difference. If anyone has another great one I’m missing, please add it in the comments and where to find it!

Please remember: you should always at least backup your files whenever you install new software on your site. I accept no responsibility for the use of these plugins.

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