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Akismet Having A Bad Day

This morning, I noticed that there were a few comments from people I had never heard from before and wanted to have a quick read. When I checked the comments, I noticed that two spam messages had made it to the post and there were 4 more ‘Waiting For Moderation’.

The funny thing about these comments is that they all contained profanity and links to adult websites (I know what you’re thinking…I could tell from the domain!) While I visit the blogs of all those who comment on my site, I do not do the same for spammers! I promptly marked them as spam and deleted them from the site.

On LewisEmpire I am currently running the Akismet spam filter. After only 2 months, this plugin (standard in WP 2.2.1) has filtered out over 65 junk messages. In fact, until today I had never even seen a single spam comment in my posts.

For WordPress users, you can get the plugin at Akismet.com or in the WordPress Plugin directory. For all others, make sure you find a good spam filter!

Sheer Volume
As I thought about the volume of spam filtered, I realized how much I rely on Akismet to filter spam comments. I don’t see a real need to look for other options yet but I’m going to keep monitoring the situation and make a decision if it starts to get through too often. A word of advice:
1. rather than simply deleting the message, make sure to mark it as spam first. At least then it will be filtered automatically if it ever returns.
2. Make sure to check your comments often so there is never anything ‘questionable’ getting free linkbacks from your site

One good thing came from this. I’ve got another junk comment for my list of the Top Ten Comments That Work In Any Situation:

WNhnHi for great it the cool site, Thanks keep stuff, up.

If this can’t be used anywhere, I don’t know what can!

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