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Getting My Feet Wet

Well, it’s been over a month since I started this blog and so far I’m pretty happy with the results. Not only have I had a lot of fun working on the articles but I have learned a lot about blogging and see a great future ahead!

Posting Success
I’ve also had some excellent success with a number of the posts I have written. The Top 7 most visited posts on my site are:

  1. Top Ten Comments That Work In Any Situation
  2. Using Comments to Get Linkbacks
  3. How Often Should a Blog Stay On Topic?
  4. Free iPod At TD Canada Trust
  5. Three Lessons From Monday Night Soccer
  6. Using Articles to Get Free Traffic
  7. Filtering Your Own Blog Comments in Top Commentators

While my blog is relatively new, I think this is a very interesting list of articles that have made it on my Top 7. Of the list, three of my posts have been about commenting and what I feel they should be used for. I didn’t realize I’d written this many posts on the subject but as I spent more time on other people’s blogs reading their articles and comments I came up with info I wanted to share.

The other part of this list that I think is great is the Free iPod article. While this was a quick post about a current bank promotion, it shows you the power of Niche Marketing. Of course, based on this article’s success I am going to continue finding new niches to write about (hopefully this time I can have an affiliate program on the page!)

Top Commentators
I really want to thank all my Top Commentators once again. Without the great comments and questions I’ve received, all I have is Google Analytics’ word that anyone is actually visiting, much less reading what I’ve written.
Here are my Top Commentators as of August 8, 2007:

Thanks for all your comments and for great material for new postings!

The Learning curve for blogging and driving traffic to your site is steep (especially when you have WordPress issues) but I think I’ve got a great handle on it now. What I didn’t realize was the amazing possibility that existed for monetizing a blog. With things like Google Adsense, Review Me, Kontera and the likes, there are great ways to make money from your effort – without over-running your site with advertising!

The biggest pieces of blogging information I have learned so far probably come from John Chow and Courtney Tuttle. As you can see, both these blogs are on my Blogroll and continue to give me valueable information on running a blog and increasing it’s popularity.

Actually, I’ve decided to follow the advice of a number of different bloggers out there who suggest to create the content first, get the readership up then integrate ads into your site. As a result, I’ve really only got Adsense and Kontera currently running. Each have made money but I definitely would have been better working for minimum wage!

As I experiment and start to diversify the income sources I’ll let you know what’s going on through the site.

Site Popularity
Although I have created a number of successful businesses online, I don’t have a lot of blogging experience. Here are some of my numbers so please let me know if I’m anywhere near successful!

Authority: 21, Rank: 308,341

3 Month Average: 940,125
1 Week Average: 565,687
I’m proud to say that my blog attracts over 0.0002% of all internet traffic in the entire universe!

Page Rank:
Still none – but I’m anxiously awaiting the next update.

I look forward to continuing this excellent journey and in reading your comments. I’ve been working hard to create some great postings on motivation, making money, retiring young and getting rich.

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