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Hot Sites of the Week 2007-08-26

I’ve had a really great week and have once again, learned a lot about blogging. Here is a quick summary of the useful posts about internet marketing, networking and making money online, as well as some other interesting sites I had the chance to visit.

I first read about this site on Courtney Tuttle’s website and again in his posting called How To Make A Dynamic Sending Page For LavaLinx. The whole idea behind the LavaLinx system is that you can post your individual pages into their database and exchange links with other websites. I haven’t been using this website for very long but I’ve got some opinions of their effectiveness. I’ll write about that later in the week.

Three Investigators
As part of an ongoing eBay seller series, DayJobNuker.com gives us niche #2 – The Three Investigators Novels! I loved these as a kid so I am happy to say this post hit home. If you have never read the books, look past the products and learn the broader niche lessons.

Lessons From Star Trek
Another excellent post is on Lessons From Star Trek at Steve Pavlina’s site. Very detailed and a great dedication to Star Trek! (please note: non-Trekkies/Trekkers will not appreciate this one as much!)

Finally, I need to mention Easy as Pi by dcrblogs.com. As a math and science guy, I appreciate a great piece of Pi. Just to make everyone aware, every year, Pi day is on March 14. I’m not sure if this goes too far but I think it should officially start at 1:59am (3.14159). Did I dwell too close to being a complete nerd?

I also had a chance to find some great sites that I think everyone should have a look at:

Skiing At Home
The first is SkiingatHome.com which is a site dedicated to the fine art of backyard ski hill building. As an avid snowboarder, I thought this was great!

IQ Test
I was visiting onemansgoal.com and I came across his IQ Test results. I did very well on the test. Take the PhD-Certified IQ Test! to see where you stand!

My Top Posts of the Week (by page views)
The 4 Natural Elements of Business Success – a comparison of the natural elements and what they mean far a successful business or blog.

The Top 7 Ways To Supercharge Your Titles – gives some rules for creating titles that catch the attention of your RSS and social network readers.

The Procrastinators Guide To Blogging – a night in the life of a blogging procrastinator. This is a (much too regular) evening I had while writing for LewisEmpire.com.

Have a great week!

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