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If Yahoo Doesn’t Do It, Why Should A Blogger?

My homepage for the past few years has been Yahoo Finance. I like to see the latest charts, business news stories and other such information that they provide. After you get to know the layout, your eyes will scan the few items you read, maybe find an article you like and generally use it as a decent home page.

My question is this:
As a $31.6 Billion company, why can Yahoo not afford new content on the weekend?

They must have a couple of hundred financial analysts on staff that could at least run a review of the week or some sort of market summary. The only thing that I see change is the location of the Ads!

The Blogger Rules
Everything I’ve read about blogging states that you should make sure to get a posting out every day. If you can manage more than one then all the better but get out at least one. Over the past couple of months I’ve made sure to do just that. I create posts ahead of time and then shoot them out on the weekend. This doesn’t mean that it’s always lengthy analysis or reviews but there is always something new to read. Right now LewisEmpire.com is working with a $0 Market Cap but still I manage to get something posted.

Running a successful business is about providing more than just information to people. They want to feel that you are involved in their day, that you want them to have all the information and will work to provide them with the facts that they are looking for. If you’re trying to be a central source of information for millions of people, why leave them stranded on the weekend?

Weekend and Weekdays
I have read statistics that show people don’t search online as much during the weekend as Monday to Friday; however, it’s during these times that you have the chance to increase your readership and develop your brand.

Think of it this way: in the 90′s almost every show quit their season in the spring. Betting on that, a new show decided to continue showing over the summer of 1991 and grabbed a huge portion of their viewers because no one else was showing new content! The show was Beverly Hills 90210. Love it or hate it, people were watching. The reason they were watching is because FOX decided to do something different.

The Contrarian
If you believe that being creative is the best tool you have, then try something different every day. If you read that most people stop on the weekend, try the opposite. Be contrarian and figure out a plan that works for you. The other thing to keep in mind is that people will procrastinate and push their Monday work as late as possible. This means that on Monday morning, before anyone else gets a posting online, yours is sitting there, with a supercharged title, just waiting to be read.

I would suggest that you try something for the next couple of weeks. Write a posting that you are extremely proud of and try submitting it sometime on Sunday. Next, write a complimentary article to post on Monday and then get your Diggs and Stumbles in on both posts. Watch your viewers soar and make sure you offer up your RSS Feed!

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