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John Chow No Longer a Dot Com Mogul?

I read a posting by John Chow earlier this month called Requirements To Be a Dot Com Mogul. He details a list of 7 items that must be met in order to be a Dot Com Mogul (as you may have guessed from the title).

On this list is a very interesting item:

A Google search of your name must be at the #1 spot

On a recent search of the term John Chow I found that the closest entry for the original John Chow is at #19 (page 2) with his MyBlogLog profile.

I’ve read on the site (and on many others) that John was punished by Google for using a linking strategy they didn’t appreciate. I would accept this as an excuse; however, a Dot Com Mogul should know better!

Learn from John
This article he wrote makes me think about all the rules and lists that people write on their blogs everyday. While it’s one thing to create information for people, it’s very different to practice what you preach. If you’re going to use definitive statements like “I will never…” or lists like John’s, you could end up having to backtrack and explain yourself or even lose readers as a result.

John’s Next Step
I think this may just be a case of being a little sure-of-one’s-self. In John’s case, he does have the history and the income/businesses to back up the claim, but I still think you should follow your own rules. I’m going to simply ask that John quietly remove the Ramblings of a Dot Com Mogul tag, until he receives forgiveness from on-high (Google) and gets his name back up top where it should be. Maybe the tag could be replaced with Evil Ramblings of an Online Money Making Star or something like that.

All this being said, for a company who has been the leader in creative business practice, maybe Google should cut a guy a break when he comes up with a great way to spread the news about his site!

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