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Lessons From Monday Night Soccer – Game 6

I mentioned in an earlier post that you can learn a lot from failure. Apparently, I need more lessons than I thought after my team’s third loss in a row!

Once again, I had a lot of fun and scored another goal. My team was good for another laugh and, since we actually had some subs this week, we were a full team for the game.
As per the recent commitment I detailed in Take The Challenge and Create Success I have had a chance to reflect on the game and write about the newest lessons I learned.

1. Reaching your goal doesn’t need to be pretty to be successful
As I mentioned, I scored a goal in yesterday’s game. What I did not mention was how ugly the goal actually was.

I received an excellent pass from one of my team mates and carried the ball around the defenceman towards the net. I wouldn’t call it a break-away but it was pretty close. I moved the ball forward, aimed at the top right corner and kicked away…

My foot hit the ground with a solid thunk but the momentum of my body pushed my foot forward. It contacted the ball and, as the goalie was moving right for the high shot, the ball bounced once and rolled slowly into the left corner.
Ugly? Yes. Successful? Also, YES!
Lesson Learned: If you have set your goals and believe in their success, don’t be worried if they are not achieved exactly as you envisioned.

2. Keep your team in peak form to win in the long run
We have a fairly athleatic team. That being said, we are also a group of professionals who spend most of our day behind desks or driving from one client to the next. Last week, we played with no substitutions – something I do not want to do in outdoor soccer again. Last night the team switched off as if we had no substitutions.

For some reason, many of our players were staying out on the field for 10 or more minutes at a time. As you can guess, these players began to slow down and it cost us some goals. Not only that, the players who were on the sidelines got cold waiting, then felt they needed to play longer to get their time on the field. We stretched ourselves too thin and lost the momentum on the sidelines.

Lesson Learned: Make sure that your team has the proper rest. When your group is alert, they will be able to give more effort when their peak performance is required.

3. Tell people your goals and they may come true
Playing in a co-ed league creates some obvious dilemas for the male players. One important question is: If a girl on the other team is playing rough, what are the rules of combat?

During the course of the game, there was a girl opponent who was pushing our female team mates off the ball and actually swore at one when she fought back. Acting the macho male role, I said, “I’ll play that side and get even for you” with no actual intention for anything to happen. Literally, on the next play I happened to carry the ball up the right side of the field and this girl just happened to be on defence. I pushed the ball forward and she came in with a big kick to get it away. I also went for the kick and made full foot-on-ball contact. She did the same; however, while I ended up continuing my way down the field, she ended up head over heels then flat on her back on the grass! There was no foul (since I didn’t touch her at all), she got up quickly (after milking it a bit if you ask me) and my team mates had a great laugh!
Lesson Learned: Your mind works towards whatever direction you focus on. If you follow my advice in Set Goals The Smart Way, your subconsious will move you in that direction. Just make it positive!

The final game summary was pretty uneventful. We lost by a score of 4 to 3 but I think the team had a fairly decent game all around. All that we’re missing right now is a little motivation and perhaps a good post game party.

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