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Double Your Income – Remove Pay Per Click Ads

The Loses Are Mounting
It looks like Google AdSense is losing another money maker as a client. A few days ago I wrote an article called The End of Google AdSense? discussing the decision by Darren Rowse of ProBlogger.net to drop AdSense and sell private ads. In that article I mentioned John Chow’s site and how he loses of a huge chunk of prime ad space for only 5.3% of his monthly income.
Now I read that John Chow has decided to drop AdSense as well (Google 300×250 Ad Sport For Sale).

All Work And No Pay?
Did he read my article? I like to think I got his make money online juices going and pushed him over the edge. That being said, I still think he should look a little closer at what’s being offered. Rather than make between $1,300 (pre-summer) and $661 (summer) with PPC ads, he’s fixing that spot at $1,000 per month or 8.06% of his monthly income (although he said that he may raise the rates in the fall). To get this extra few percentage he now needs to actually do some work!

I’m interested to see if John will remove AdSense altogether or simply move it into another part of the page. I’m thinking he could still pull down about $200 to $300 a month with AdSense in the sidebar.

How To Double Your Income
My suggestion to John (so he can make more money) is that he view my last video on creative real estate investing and apply similar tactics to his blog. Rather than sell off the high-value spot for $1,000 a month, why not do a “stock split” and sell individual weeks for an affordable $325 each. If he’s going to do the private sale work anyways, rather than average $12,000 per year on the spot, he would make $18,200 ($350×52 weeks). With this plan, he’s averaging $1,517 a month – higher than the pre-summer gross of $1,300 and almost 12.2% of his total income!

Just in case anyone is interested, I’m willing to take offers for my AdSense space (weekly of course). Feel free to leave a comment or visit my contact page if you’re interested!

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