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Save The Planet…Go Black

I thought this was a great website so I wanted to post some quick information for you.

Apparently, on your computer monitor, the white pixels use more energy than the black ones. To fend off this obvious affront to environmentalists everywhere, an ingenious web developer came up with a website called Blackle – Energy Saving Search. Basically, it uses the Google search engine but displays everything with a dark background. I also found another site called BlackWebSearch.com (which is basically the exact same thing) but I like the fact that Blackle took the current environmental trend and utilized it on their site.

People everywhere are currently working to disprove the dark pixel energy theory but until then, I suggest we all do our part and at least give one of them a try!

If you’re interested in environmental issues, have a look at this very interesting video on Energy around the world:

PS. I found out about Blackle at The Gospel According to Rhys