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Goal Setting

Take The Challenge And Create Success

Recently, I received a comment from Tavi at www.Loop44.com talking about a potential niche in the market. As my regular readers know, I like to sit back after playing Monday Night Soccer (football for my non-North American readers) and reflect on what could be learned from the game. Tavi wrote:

Wow, this could really be a very original niche right here. Applying what you learn at football (sorry, I’m from Europe :) ) to business and/or blogging could really add that particular flavor your blog might need to get on the top of the mountain in this domain.

The reason I like this comment so much is because it made me realize how much people let pass them by each day. As a matter of habit, I reflect back on each game to figure out what I learned about playing soccer, life, business, people, personality and competition. Without LewisEmpire to write on, I may not take the time to focus as much and would miss out on a lot of learning. Because of this, I am creating a challenge for myself to spend at least 15 minutes each day reflecting on the lessons that I have learned throughout the day or things I should have learned before!

I think this type of reflection is what is missing from so many people’s lives right now – mine included. I’ve read a number of books about keeping your mind open to opportunity and wealth. Isn’t reflecting on your day or week a perfect example of what people should be doing? Imagine if you spent 15 minutes each day and wrote down all the things that worked, didn’t work or could have been much better during the day. It wouldn’t take long before you would have an entire book of things that would help you better your life.

New Ideas Add Up
An author I’ve read named Vern Harnish wrote a book called Mastering the Rockefeller Habits about organizing a corporation and how to disseminate information and goals throughout the company. One great example of teamwork and success was a manager who implemented a new policy for his team. Each member was required to bring a new idea for making their business better (be it more efficient, successful, cost effective, etc.) to every morning meeting – part of their bonus depended on it. Imagine the success of this place! Even on a team of 5 you end up with about 1,000 new ideas every year to move the company and team closer to their goals.

Success In Your Life
Now take this example one step further and apply it to your own life. What if you identified a new opportunity, cost savings, revenue generating or other success each and every day. It wouldn’t take long before you would be taking your place next to the greatest business/personal development minds in the country!

I’m going to challenge myself to try this tactic for the next 90 days and I invite anyone to join me. I would love to hear about your results and any creative ideas that have helped you!

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