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The End of Google AdSense?

It’s finally happend. Recently I’ve been reading more and more blogs that are greatly reducing their reliance on Google AdSense or removing the AdSense from their sites altogether. The most recent blog to jump off the AdSense boat is Problogger.net. Today, in his posting called A New Look For Pro Blogger, Darren states that he has decided to remove Adsense from his blog and move to private 125X125 advertising.

I can’t say that I’m surprised by this move. If you read posts from some of the larger blogs that show their monthly income reports, Adsense continually takes a back seat when compared to other advertising income. Over at JohnChow.com, the July 2007 Monthly Income Report shows Adsense income at only 5.33% of the total ($661.73). While this would be a great income for most blogs, having half of your workable posting space used by Adsense may not be worth 5.33% more money to high income bloggers.

I myself will continue to host Google AdSense ads on my site. Since I am currently only one month old, I am still developing the relationships needed to create multiple streams of income online. That being said, I still think Google ads have a place in any blog. Perhaps they can simply take a less prominent position or be modified (through Google) to be less intrusive and conform with the look and feel of the site.

Is anyone out there thinking about dropping AdSense too?

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