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The Procrastinator’s Guide To Blogging

I did it again.

I sat down at my computer and had a few hours dedicated to writing. With pages of notes and some great topics in mind I was sure that this would be the night of 1000 posts.

It happened almost right away. The itch began and I had to scratch. A quick visit over to my Google Accounts to check the update on my visits, referrals, unique visitors and most viewed articles for the day. I use Firefox, so I also open link in new tab and out pops my AdSense account. Great, I’m still making money but I need to stay focused…content, content, content.

It doesn’t take long to write a great title for a new post I’m doing (for more info about writing a title check out my post The Top 7 Ways to Supercharge Your Titles.) I’ve decided to use a mixture of #2 and 3 – looking good. I’m happy, and writers block is nowhere to be found. I hammer out a great opening paragraph.

What are your Feedburner numbers looking like?
I take a quick break and have a look. Trending up…would love to have more (click Lewis Empire Feed to help me out) but it’s looking good too.

Let’s do a little research about increasing my RSS Feed.
This sounds great at the time so I surf the web a little more and find some great articles: Problogger.net and copyblogger.com.
What a great hour I’ve just had. I learned some things that I didn’t know before and I justify the time accordingly.

Back to writing…

I get the main topics and sub-topics of my article written and then start to post some more information.

Didn’t another blogger you read write something that could fit in here?
I seem to recall reading something somewhere. It’s time to hit the RSS feeds and go site by site. I’m a huge fan of giving credit to people who provide me with great information. I want to make sure to include them.

Is that an email ding? Maybe it’s Facebook!
Hey, did a long-lost school friend who I lost contact with in grade 2, then never thought about until this very moment invite me to be a friend? I’d better go and check. While I’m at it, let’s have a look at some of my friend’s family photos and make sure I’m not tagged in anything I don’t want on the web!

Man, I don’t want to turn out like some of these guys…I’d better get back to my work and get some postings out there.

Pararaph # 4 is followed by a trip to the kitchen to grab a soda with lime.

I receive an email about a new plugin from a friend.
How easy is this one to implement?
Let’s scan the plugin scene and figure out which ones would improve performance or reduce my time. (7 WordPress Plugins That Work) There are a few here but I’m going to wait and see how some of the other ones work out.

Should I write another post about my newest plugins? Yep.
I create a new post, add the title: My Newest WordPress Plugins and hit save. There’s a topic for another day…

Damn. I forgot to complete my Lessons from Monday Night Soccer – Game 7 post.

Now that I mention it, I wonder what my team ended up ranking in the regular season (I login and check) Fourth! That means we’re playing for the #1 spot on Monday! Awesome.

I jump over the the last post (Game 7) but is it too late to post it? Maybe I’ll merge the two for next week.

I write paragraph # 5 and 6 – backtrack and update a little in # 4 then jump ahead to # 8. I’m still thinking about the best information to throw in paragraph 7 so that can wait a few minutes.

Did Kontera finally pay off?
I login to my account. Dismal. I’m not sure if it’s worth the junk income for the extra code and links. Should this be another post? Maybe.

I create a new title and save it for a reminder later.

Paragraph # 7 is finished and I start on the final thoughts. It’s starting to get late so I spend the last few minutes getting the right combination of words in there.

Preview…edit…preview…edit…preview…looks good.

I add my Lewis Empire Feed and some Technorati tags.


1 down, 999 to go…I’ll get more done tomorrow.

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