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A Dark and Stormy Night – Interlude

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Dark and Stormy Night
When I woke up it was a little after 11pm. I didn’t know where I was but from the Misdo Club membership on the counter and the Slyvisions glasses on the table, I figured I wasn’t in a poor part of town.

There was almost no furniture or personal effects. Obviously moves around a lot I thought to myself.

A small Webd360 police scanner sat in the corner next to a few digital devices that I had never even heard of before. I was Lost in Technology and needed an explanation from this Nerdy Nomad that had probably saved my life.

I gave my head a shake and stood up.

The room was fairly dark but not intentionally. Phil McDonnell was presenting on E-World Vu TV in the other room. I remembered that it was scheduled for tomorrow night. That meant that I had slept about 24 hours.

I checked my hip like some Mobile Phone Geek but the Blackberry was gone. I let out a Sigh,I guess I was disconnected once again.

“How are you feeling?” she asked, obviously hearing me as she walking from behind the shade in the other room.

She was as gorgeous as a Rich Minx.

I stuttered slightly, “Neatorama“. She rolled her eyes.

What, am I five? I thought to myself. “Uh, I mean, I’m Going The Wong Way about this. I’m…”

“I know your name,” she said quickly. “I can’t imagine there’s a person in this town who doesn’t these days.”

I didn’t know what she meant by this but chose to move on. “What do I owe you for saving my life?” I asked.

She looked at me; standing there in my dusty and torn Armani suit with a broken Rolex on my wrist. “I’m Smart Not Cheap” she said with a smile.

I looked down at my own clothes. Obviously I had rolled in something I hadn’t intended. “I guess I’m not in danger of starting a new Fashion Style Trend am I?”

No Answer.

I changed the subject to find out more information and avoid embarrassment. “Fill me in on the details after I went all Tips Supremo and blacked out.”

She grabbed herself a hot cup of tea and a copy of the Net Business Journal. There I was on the cover with the headline: Beyond the Rhetoric: Boston Brat embezzles Millions in Forex Trading scheme.

I was amazed. “That’s not who I am. Don’t they ever check their facts?” I looked at the cover once again. “If they wanted to frame me, why try to kill me the same night?”

“So you didn’t do it?”

“Of course not! I don’t even know what it says I did in there.”

She looked me over one more time. There was something in her eyes that seemed to penetrate me, searching for my honesty. I can’t say I enjoyed it but she did save my life. I gave her the moment.

“What happened?”

“It was the Idea Sellers” she said.

A chill went through my spine. Not only was this the fiercest gang in the city, but I had killed some of them. Not good for my One Year Goal of staying alive.

She began her story:
“I was at Skittle’s Place having a DigitalORDER processed when I heard the first shots. I came around the corner just in time to watch you fall in behind the garbage bin and collapse. There were bullets flying everywhere and I could tell you were in trouble.

From the distance, I knew you didn’t have a lot of time before they were on you so I moved closer to your spot and got ready. I’ll admit, I didn’t expect you to jump up like some Blogamama and start firing! You scared the crap out of me!” she laughed out loud.

“I’m glad I could make your evening exciting,” I replied.

“Oh it doesn’t end there. I saw that they had you in their sights so that’s when I yelled. Do you remember?”


“Well, you hit the ground and I started to fire into the darkness. I must have had my AdSense Tracker on because I got all three of the rest of them with only four shots. I waited a minute and ran over to check the bodies. Aside from the usual bullet clips and wallets I found your picture and a note. It said ‘Welcome to…”

“I remember! …to my world of dreams right? I thought I imagined that.”

“That wasn’t the end of it.” She walked over to the drawer.
“Here it is…OK. Uh…world of dreams that will soon become reality. With the Market Treasure ready to be moved, phase two of The Dragon Project can begin. Get rid of the contact…I’m guessing that’s you…and clear up the last roadblock at the club. That’s everything.”

“I wonder what the Dragon is?”

“I’ve got no idea but it almost got you killed. Once I grabbed that note, I figured out pretty quickly that you had been poisoned.”

“How did you know that?” I asked. I had never heard of there being any specific outward signs before, it’s not like they had poisoned Any Apples for her to find.

“You were delirious. You said ‘I’ve been poisoned’ so I rushed you back here. I’ve worked on a few cases with clients that had this happen so I gave you a quick shot of Kenibatz and let you sleep. It was close for a while.”

“Thanks.” I thought for a moment. Her story was a little convenient but I had to accept it for now. “You’re part of the The Diva Network aren’t you?”

She looked stunned.

“I can’t imagine that everyone has an antidote like that one lying around the..uh…empty house,” I said, “what is this your Mother’s Home?”

“If you know anything the Network, you’d know that I can’t talk about it.”

I’d hit the mark.

“Can you think of anything you’ve worked on lately that might have started this?” she asked, changing the subject.

I sat back into my chair and looked at the ceiling. The Secretalife was to keep your clients separated from your personal life. The poisoning had got too close. In my line of work there were always a few cases that could come back to haunt you but this was specific. I couldn’t think of anything specific but there were Picture Clusters in my mind of potentials. The note had said, ‘The Contact’ which meant that I had been involved somehow without knowing.

A low siren suddenly started to sound: Bloggrrl! Bloggrrl!

“What’s that?” I asked.

She was already gathering her things and putting them in her bag. “We’ve got to leave. Now.”

I looked around for the beeping noise. It was attached to a small monitor that showed an outside view of the street.

They’d found me.

“How did they know where to look?” I yelled across the room.

She tripped on the carpet and slid across the floor, “Blog Duck” she yelled.

“Watch your mouth!” I tried to joke. Not funny. She was serious.

“If they found you this quickly we’ve got no solid place to hide. We need protection and we need it now.”

I knew what that meant. I was headed for the underworld once again to ask for another favor from my Godfather, or as everyone else calls him: The Don.

The Don Biz Blogger.

To be continued…

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