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Around the Blogs and Back Again 2

I’ve been busy again this week both off and online. Through all my hours of reading and commenting on the web, here are some items that I found very interesting:

  • Real Estate Editorial gives a good article on city buildings and residences going “Green” by implementing green roof technology.
  • The Laidback Buddhist has a great self analysis by using “7 P’s” as an analytical tool. My own is coming up since being challenged by dcrblogs.com earlier this week.
  • Dimensional PortalGooglesightseeing.com is a very cool site that shows some of the more interesting things that are found on Google Maps. Here is one that shows an inter-dimensional portal located somewhere in the Netherlands.
  • Online Cash Flow posted about the benefits and hassles of being a blogger. This is the link to the benefits and here is the link to the hassles.
  • The Edmonton Real Estate Blog posted an article promoting a distant annex of the Lewis Empire. Sara’s posting is about an area of the city called Lewis Estates. My domain expands…
  • SEO Optimization wrote a great article on optimizing your title. If you haven’t been doing it already, here are some things you need to know. Also, see my article about title optimization.
  • Four-Pillars.ca wrote about his long-term plan for retirement. I made a comment about his goals and he got back to me right away. My estimations are based on a minimum 8% return, his were from a conservative 4%. I think he’ll be rolling in money when the real rate comes out much higher than his budget. Won’t that be a nice retirement day?!

That’s a quick summary. I’ll see you back again tomorrow!

Can anyone else believe that it’ already the 16th of September?

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