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Around the Blogs and Back Again – Marketing Edition

I’m always interested in hearing new ideas about how to better implement my marketing ideas and get more value form my site. Would you believe that there are blogs that actually write about the exact topics that I was looking for? That’s right! They’re out there if you know where to look.

Let me save you the trouble. Here’s what I found today:

Using Your Website to Get Free Stuff is a great article to continue the marketing theme for the day. Kristy writes about using your blog to get promo items from companies (since it’s already in the budget.) This article is great.

Navigating a Market Dead End is a good post about taking a hard look at your marketing medium. Does direct mail work better than email? Maybe. If you don’t know what works for your business, you had better find out before you spend any more money.

Marketing Isn’t Bullcrap A new perspective on the term ‘Marketer’ that moves it from the level of the cockroach into a better light!

Have you heard anyone make negative comments about Pay Per Post or other sponsored articles? After reading Think You’re Ready To Be a Millionaire? Just Roll The Dice by Inc.com, I figure that if these big companies can make a blatant plug for cash, why can’t a lowly blogger?

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