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Around the Blogs and Back Again v3

My wife has been gone for the last three days on a trip. I’ve been home alone with my little guy and I’m trying to figure out how I’m going to survive having another one in January! Sure I’ve found the time to write on my blog but have you seen my house? How can one muffin create a mess in every single room? I’ve got to stop reading Hansel and Gretel…

Here are the blog posts I’ve enjoyed today:
You might be a republican if… A very funny post (if you’re a Democrat) and a disturbing one if you’re not!

Top Ten Dreams Bloggers Don’t Want To Wake Up From Here is a great list of things that every blogger dreams about. I’d also add to the list, #11 Every WordPress plugin you installed was updated perfectly and you didn’t need to search the web for your error message.

I Should Join The Circus is another wonderful monologue by Joanne at the Laidback Buddhist.

I’m working on part 3 to my Dark and Stormy Night series. If you haven’t already done it, sign up for my RSS Feed so you’re the first to know when it arrives! Click to read Part 1: The Setup and Part 2: Interlude.

Did I mention my Full Feed RSS? I thought not…