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Around the Blogs and Back Again

I want to start this weekender edition of LewisEmpire.com with a hilarious joke I once read. (I have no idea where I saw it but I’ll give the proper credit if anyone knows – it may have been Foxtrot)

There are 10 types of people in the world. Those who understand binary code and those who don’t.

With that excellent piece of humor out of the way, I want to thank my Top Commentators for their continued support. These people continue to challenge me and through their comments I have come up with new ideas for future posts. My Top Commentators today are:

One might wonder why posting a thanks to your top commentators is so important – aren’t they already getting a link from your site via the top commentator list? While commenting is a great way to get your link out (see my posting on Blog Comments) there is even more value in having your link in the body of a post. First, people read it and click to find out who you are. Second, your link stays in the post for years to come – regardless if you have the time later on to continue your commenting campaign.

New Sites
Reference Maunde is a site that I found through one of my visitors that shows unique facts about very diverse and interesting things. There is some really interesting stuff here.

Great Posts
Colorstruck.blogspot.com wrote a very creative post comparing Charlie and the Chocolate Factory characters to Blogger traits. As I mentioned on the blog comments, I think I started Veruca (jumped in with no idea what I was doing), went through my Violet phase (plugin’s rules my life) and now I’m in the Charlie part of my blogging career (relax, create great content and build a community). What are you?

DCR wrote a very good post about building communities and the value they bring.

Blogging superstar Nate Whitehill wrote a post that I’m going to be using sometime within the next few months. It’s about using an eBook to promote your business.

To everyone else out there. If you’ve written a very creative post that you think I’d like, please email me! I spend a lot of time searching for great articles and would much rather that they found me!

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I’ll see you all on Monday!

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