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How To Create Your Own Empire in 30 Days – Pt 1

Creating your own Empire is not a simple task. It took the Roman Republic 150 years to become the Roman Empire (Imperium Romanum.) In this post I am going to tell you how to do the same thing in as little as one month.

Before I get into the details, let’s just define the requirements for an Empire.

  • Must have an Emperor
  • Must have a territory
  • Must have a core and a periphery
  • Must have it’s own religion
  • Must dominate it’s domain through coercion, aggression or consent
  • Must spread it’s cultural ideas throughout it’s domain

Now that the definition is done, here’s how you can create an Empire in 30 days.

Become an Emperor
Option 1
Whether you choose Emperor, Chairman or General Secretary it’s very simple to obtain a title for yourself. The easiest way to do it is to simply have your name legally changed to include your new title. For example, let’s say your name is Michael Jonathan Smith and you want to become Emperor. All you need to do is go to (for Americans) the US Government Website, find your state and complete the proper forms. Your new first name is now Emperor and you now have two middle names (Michael and Jonathan) and your last name stays the same. It’s that easy. Emperor Michael Jonathan Smith is officially recognized around the world.

The best part is, for any of your friends that may think this is weird, you can always revert back and use your new middle name. It’s a win-win situation and you’ve taken your first step to setting up an Empire.

Duration: 10 to 30 Days

Option 2
One other way that is much more difficult and would probably take much more time would be to over throw the government and simply proclaim yourself Emperor. With this done, all you need to do is get one UN nation to approve your new status and you’re set. If this is your preferred method, please contact your local 3rd world country representative and make a nice donation to their cause.

Duration: Varies per country

Must Have a Territory
Now we get into the fun stuff. Although the Roman and Mongol Empires were land based, nothing can compare to the British Empire. At their height, they controlled or influenced over 25% of the entire planet. England is an island so let’s model our mentor and get off to the right foot.

I would suggest to take a quick look at PrivateIslandsOnline.com to get a full listing of the available islands around the world.

For a starter Empire, you may want to choose, Eagle Island in Nova Scotia, Canada. The island is over 11 acres and costs about $45,000 USD. It’s close to the United States and after declaring independence from Canada, you can use your new 200 nautical mile sea zone to invade other islands, colonize and populate with people devoted to their Emperor.

If you’re ready to take a big step (most Emperors are very confident) you may want to look at a nice big island in Europe called Diapori Island. It’s in Greece and for 12,000,000 Euro, you’ve got yourself 223 acres of prime Empire building space.

Duration: It will take the full 30 days. If necessary, offer your realtor and lawyer spots on the ‘Executive Council’ and name them ‘Top Citizen’ or something to speed up the process. As Emperor you can always revoke their titles later.

Create Your Core and Periphery
Your core should be what you believe in, how you are going to reward those who blindly do your bidding, etc. Your core is also the main focus of your Empire. In my case, Lewis Empire is about making money, creating wealth, retiring young and apparently staying up until 1:00am every night trying to figure out a new post to write. If this sounds like an Empire you’d like to join, click Full Feed RSS to become part of my ‘Core’.

The periphery is the sphere of influence that you have across the globe. For example, if you have read this blog a few times and have never clicked the Full Feed RSS button, I suggest you do it now. Being a part of the Core is a big responsibility. Simply enjoying my daily articles and making comments makes you an excellent citizen of my periphery. Thanks!

To give a clear example, Wikipedia defines a simple Empire structure:

And while there is a vertical relationship between the core and periphery, there is a lack of substantive relations between periphery and periphery. This relationship he describes as an incomplete wheel: there are hubs and spokes, but no rim.

Duration: some of the most successful blogs have been able to get a large readership within two weeks. With the right tools and motivation, you may be able to do the same.

In tomorrow’s lesson – Part 2 of your Empire building tutorial – I will reveal tactics for each of the following Empire requirements:

  • Must have it’s own religion
  • Must dominate it’s domain through coersion, aggression or consent
  • Must spread it’s cultural ideas throughout it’s domain

Until then…

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