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How To Create Your Own Empire in 30 Days – Pt 2

In How To Create Your Own Empire Pt 1, I revealed the first three ways you can create your own Empire – Must have an Emperor, Must have a territory and must have a core and a periphery. In today’s post, I discuss the last three items:

  • Create Your Own Religion
  • Dominate Your Domain
  • You Must Spread Your Ideals and Ideas Throughout Your Domain

With these last three ideas in place, your Empire should last for centuries to come!

Create Your Own Religion
This isn’t as easy as you may think. Although clearly, as Emperor, you will be the chosen human sent to earth to proclaim the wisdom of your God – creating all the rules will take some time. For a quick summary on the dos and don’ts of creating a new religion, visit Wikihow.com.

One side note: I read once that on your census form you are able to write down the religion that you follow. As I understand it, it enough people choose a ‘religion’ that is not currently recognized, the government will put it on the list of acceptable religions. I heard about this through an email asking me to declare that I was a Jedi. Of course, I don’t advocate revealling false information on your census forms but being a Jedi Master does have it’s perks!

Duration: 1 to 2 weeks. You could outsource this to a creative writing course at a local university or even to the local elementary school.

You Must Dominate Your Domain
Domain Name?
My domain is LewisEmpire.com. While I don’t know yours right now (please leave a comment so I can visit) I think it’s easy to say that by purchasing the Domain, you’ve totally dominated it.

If your people can’t find you, read about your beliefs and decide to colonize your conquered islands then how can you spread your culture? As Emperor, you need to have proper internet marketing, SEO and solid content. The days of being an Emperor with just a legion of invaders is long gone. Just read about the Hague conventions!

Duration: 48 to 72 hours for your domain to be purchased and updated across the web.

The Topic
You must also begin to dominate your chosen area of writing. If you want to make it big as a blogger, then you’re going to need a large audience, great sponsors and an active community. You also need to be seen as an authority in your chosen area. Dominating your Domain in this sense means that you’ve followed the advice of successful bloggers, created some of your own rules and, if you’ve chosen to monetize, make an Emperor’s ransom writing! (lame joke I know…)

You Must Spread Your Ideals and Ideas Throughout Your Domain
Isn’t this what being an Emperor is all about? If you’ve Set Your Goals The SMART Way you may be ready to begin this crucial step.

One easy way to connect with your potential coloizing force is to create an informative blog. As with Lewis Empire.com, I make sure to have a steady supply of content to keep people interested and keep them coming back. As Emperor, if you don’t manage to keep your people motivated and up-to-date on any sudden rule changes you’ve made, they may lose interest and join some other Empire out there.

Duration: 1 hour. You can set up a basic monetized blog within one hour. Get your message out quickly!

Finalize the Empire Status
Once you’ve completed all of the above steps, you are well on your way to full fledged Empiredom. Just remember, the Roman, Mongol, Byzantine, Ottoman, Russian, British and many other Empires have all fallen. If you’ve had some success, stay focused on your achievements and goals. Make sure you stay in touch with your readers and keep them interested in what your Empire has to offer.

We’re all in this together, but there are 100,000 new blogs everyday who would love to grab a few of your loyal RSS readers! You’ve worked hard to create your new Empire. Keep it unique, keep it new and keep it great.

To read part 1, visit How To Create Your Own Empire

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