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It’s What You Experience, Not What You See

In my posting, The 4-Hour Workweek Just Cost Me $100,000 I discussed my family’s new goal of taking a mini-retirement and spending a year travelling through Europe.

To make sure my motivation level stays strong, I have visited a few travel agencies to pick up their selection of travel guides. I wanted to really get into the travel mood so I got myself a map of Europe and have begun to look at places I want to go and things I want to see.

What You See Is Not What You Get
As I began to read through these travel guides, I started to notice a common theme. Each would show a small map of the area you would be travelling. They would then have some pictures of the places you would visit, followed by a description of the journey you would take.

Isn’t that interesting? None of the guides focused on the experiences that you would have. Only the things that you would see.

My Journey Through Australia
When I travelled through Australia (after taking a year off University) it wasn’t the things that I saw that made the trip. In fact, I didn’t visit a lot of the traditional things that people would go and see. It was the experiences that I had that made it one of the best years of my life.

Rather than spend my time laying on a beach on the Gold Coast, I went to explore the Outback. Instead of sitting in Brisbane or Sydney drinking coffee and going to movies, I decided to trek down to Tasmania and see what that part of Australia was like.

Of course, I did spend some time sight-seeing in Sydney and Melbourne, visited the Barrier Reef and travelled the coast but it wasn’t what I saw that made the trip. In fact, some of the ‘must see’ items in Australia, although interesting, were not even close to the highlights. It was the nights learning to play the Dijeridoo, travelling through a Hurricane, sleeping in the outback, learning to surf and working in an Australian restaurant that I remember the most. As you can imagine, I could fill this entire blog with stories.

Life Is An Experience, Not a Photograph
I think that this post relates to my experience in business because in everything I do I keep this thought in mind: Life is what you make it. If you are constantly taking lessons from your experiences and really living, you will have a life that is much more abundant, exciting and joyful. If you insist on being led around by others and shown how to live and what to think, then hopefully this post has just changed your future!

To end up this article where I started, here’s what I propose travel guides need to say to everyone they journey with:

You will see more of the worlds greatest examples of art and culture than can possibly be listed here. You will return with 1000 photos of people, places and things, each of which you could talk about for hours with friends and family. No one will be able to understand your feelings that go with each experience, photo and memory. They will ask to see your pictures of the Colliseum, Picadilly Circus and the Eiffel Tower. That’s why we have chosen to list each of these things in our guide. They all want you to go for the pictures. We’re there to create you an experience.

Well, maybe I should change that last part. The experience is what you make it and it’s up to you to create the greatest experience out of everything that you do.

Which type person do you want to be? What type are you now?

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