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Positive Results From The Secret

The Secret
As I mentioned in a previous posting, I have been reading the secret. Although I found the book to be strange to read at first, after I watched the movie I understood why. The book is almost entirely made up of quotes from the movie! I’m not saying this to disuade you from reading the book.

I believe that The Secret can change the way you think, act and have success. Here are two of my stories.

The Offer
On Monday, the Vice President of my department was in town and he invited a few of us for coffee the next morning. That evening, I watched the secret and learned about visualizing a result.

As I was on my commute the next morning, I put an image of my VP holding a drink and talking with me and my colleagues. I then imagined him looking at me, telling me that I had been doing great work and then made me an offer. I was not specific in my visualization but I did request an offer.

The next morning we all went to get a coffee. After a few mintues of talking we started to discuss some direction for our team, etc. etc. At this point, we were discussing a new potential position for the group. I knew what was coming. He looked at me and said, “I think you would be perfect for the position.”

Was I able to learn The Secret that quickly? Could the Universe provide for me exactly what I requested? That’s for you to decide.

The Doorman
The second story is a similar event. I was travelling down the walkway toward my office when I began to think about what made some people more successful than others. I remembered the rules of The Secret and pictured myself as ultra confident, highly successful and strong (all of which I hope I am but need a little boost once in a while.)

I walked with my head high and I was eminating confidence. As I approached my building, these two guys were walking into the doors before me. As I approached, they both looked back, reached forward and opened the double doors for me. I strode through the doors, said “thanks guys” and went to the elevator.

This one was just as strange because I was actually expecting something different to happen. I changed my mental state and it had an immediate (although possibly coincidental) effect.

I’ve been working with the secret for 2 days. These are two examples of the results.

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