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Seven P for Me

So you thought I would forget that I was tagged with this one too did you Dan? I never forget being double-dog dared so here’s my response to the Seven P’s challenge originally started by Joanne.


I work in an office. Things need to get done. It’s either this or throwing myself out the window.


I’m not sure that I would be able to dedicate myself to writing on this blog each day if I wasn’t enjoying what I was doing. My wife and I take a look at everything we’ve accomplished fairly often and I am very happy with the place we are at. Without passion, each person would give up in any venture on the first sign of a challenge.

I’m sure you’ve all seen people who are very smart and should be able to do anything but fail at everything. These are the people who have lost their passion. Passion leads to motivation and drive. Let’s not feel sorry for these people, take them for a coffee and help them find it again.


Two options for this one. 1) I have a strong sense of who I am and what I want to accomplish in my life. 2) I work in the energy industry and know far more about electricity markets than most would care to in a lifetime.


I’ve got a 2 1/2 year old son and another on the way. Two days ago I gave my son a muffin and it was used as a weapon of mass destruction around the house rather than snack. My wife was away on business for three days and I decided to clean the house the day before she got back…that was right before I fell asleep at 9:00pm. This word accurately describes the hour prior to my wife returning home!

I dress up when I go to work. I’m not always in a suit but I prefer to be. After reading The Secret and a few other books about positive thinking I realized that I feel the best when I look my best.

For me, this is the first step in achieving your goals. Ensure that you have a sense of power and confidence when you leave the house each morning. With that in place, it is easy to go through your day and look for opportunities to advance.


I love to read about ancient cultures, battles, strategy and anthropology all the way through to early life on earth and geology. It would have been easier if anthropology started with a ‘p’ and Dan already stole Palaeontology but this will do. To anyone out there: would you rather live 1000 years ago or 1000 years from now?


If I’m not learning I get bored. In order to enjoy what I am doing, I constantly look for new things to see, learn, read or attend. This one describes how I get further towards my goals each day!

Lewis P Antonyms

Pushover, Pawn, Political

Hey, this just gave me an idea for a new challenge. I want to know the 7 P Antonyms for the two bloggers who started this whole thing for me:
Dan at dcrblogs.com
Joanne at the LaidbackBuddhist

Let’s see what you come up with for this one…