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The Pimento Challenge

Before I post part 2 to my How To Create Your Own Empire I’ve got a mid-afternoon article up for discussion! I just read a funny post over at rickcaminiti.com called WTF Is a Pimento!?!?

It’s true that the average person probably has no idea what a pimento is or why it is stuck into each olive. In fact, even when you learn what it is, your brain usually drops the useless information as soon as you leave the conversation! Personally, I’m not a fan of the olive but I do appreciate a good laugh in the afternoon.

The Contest
I want to know what people think about the Pimento and to find the most creative reason why you think they are placed in olives. Please leave your comments below.

The winner, as chosen by me, will get some link-love in a future post. If that’s not worth being creative I don’t know what is! (I was going to give away a jar of olives but really, does anyone want a jar of olives mailed to them?)

Here is my expanation:
The Pimento was an illegal export back 40,000 years ago when olive pickling began. The farmers probably stuffed their contraband into the olives as a way to sneak them past the guard Mammoths.

I look forward to your opinions!

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