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Around the Blogs and Back Again – Travel Edition

It’s been an excellent October and I look forward to a great fourth quarter of the year. I always seem to get the travel itch about now and I’m thinking it goes back to my days in elementary school. Wouldn’t it have been nice for your parents to say, “hey, guess what? You don’t need to go to school this year, we’re taking a trip to Europe.” How cool would that have been?

As you have read, I’m planning to take a trip to Europe for the entire year in 2017. My post called The 4-Hour Workweek Just Cost Me $100,000 details my plan.

My Last Holiday…

Bick's Pickle BoothAm I in need of a good holiday? Here is a picture I took on my last holiday. Perhaps it’s not the most interesting thing I photographed but doesn’t this show you that I need to get out of North America for a while???
In the spirit of my desire (and need) to travel, here are some great sites I’ve come across today.

Making a Major Life Change: Is It Time For Cathy To Leave The City? A great post that should hit the minds of everyone who reads it. What are we all doing living in a city commuting and working each day? Why not sell out and move to the country and try relaxing for once in our lives?

Play The Bump Game and Win is a great post about getting perks from airlines for being bumped from your flight.

Changing your Life: Is It Downshifting or Upshifting? made me wonder what I’m doing commuting to work each day for a job (money?) Where do I find the balance between work, play and spending quality time with my family?

Downshifting of Upshifting
is the original post to the one above. If I continue to read about these I may end up taking the family to Italy for the year tomorrow!

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