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Content Isn’t King

I’ve been doing a lot of research lately about building traffic for Lewis Empire and I’ve come to a major conclusion: Content Isn’t King.

I know that every single blogger I’ve read who has written a top ten list for bloggers has “write great content” as an important part of being successful. I’ll tell you, I don’t think this information is all that helpful.

With thousands of blogs being created everyday writing great content is not the answer to increasing your readership. The real secret is this: “Value is King

Adding Value

There is a significant difference between writing great content and writing valuable content. For one, adding value is a very unique skill that cannot be defined post by post. It is a combination of all posts, articles, pictures, comments and information that a blog promotes. It’s the reason that John Chow can get away with writing posts about his lunch and still grow his RSS and monthly income – he has a history of valuable content. I’ve written about it before, I wasn’t sure of the potential for a blog until I started reading his site. Although I visit and comment less than I once did, I still find valuable articles there.

Isn’t that great?

Great content is more a matter of what people like to read. These are the posts that give more information about you or your life outside of blogging. These are good to have scattered throughout the blog but they should supplement your main theme! Think of it this way: if you’re writing a blog about internet marketing, then be sure to include posts that actually give some instruction on this topic.

Having great content outside your niche is excellent for people to read in their spare time but it is not necessarily adding value. Straying too far outside of your topic will probably result in a loss or slow growth of readers over time.

Niche Your Blog

If you’ve decided to create a blog that will generate a source of income then you need to stand out and carve your way into the blogging world. There are many success stories out there of people who have quickly risen to great volume, readership and rankings by being different and adding value.

Pick your niche. Learn everything you can about it. Create value by telling people how to do what you now know!

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