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Gone Missing?

Have you ever been unable to blog for so long you began to wonder what you would write about when you were able to get back onto a computer? I’m in that exact boat right now. My house is currently being painted and my career is in the middle of an incredibly busy Q4 so I simply haven’t been near a computer to get some information out.

The only thing to do to get back in the groove is to give a few updates on where I’m at and what’s been going on for the past few days.

1. Real Estate On The Way
I’ve taken some equity from my property and will be looking to purchase a nice little ‘bread and butter’ cash flow generating property. I’m looking in the Austin, Texas area (isn’t that Debo’s backyard?) but I still haven’t really begun my search. I took out the money through a refinance and have found a bank that will offer me interest that almost equals the mortgage rate. Free loan!

2. Website Committment
I’m continuing to move forward with a previous real estate related website that I had begun. The last time I wrote about it was when I first started reading the 4-Hour Work Week in A 4-Hour Dose of Realization. I’m letting someone else dictate how I run my business and I’m getting ready to make a major change. If I haven’t got something moving forward before the end of the week. I’m committing to move on to a greener pasture. (My partner will hold me to this one of course!)

3. Break Out The Crib We’re Getting Close
My family (and beautiful wife) is getting larger and we’re currently picking names. What a blog contest that would be – letting you pick the name. While I’m sure my wife wouldn’t go for it, let’s see what you come up with (I don’t want to see any Laid Back Lewis, Swiss_Mouse Lewis or D.C.R. Lewis or anything like that! What does the winner get? I have no idea – maybe a link in another post? Oh and the chance to name my baby for around $10 Million. Let me know if you’re interested or submit payment through PayPal.

Shout It Out

OK, time for a shout out to the people who make me believe that my increase in RSS subscriptions (climbing from 32 to 51 since October 3rd) has nothing to do with the 19 out-sourced personal assistants I hired from India.
My Top Commentators Are:

Thanks to everyone who takes the time to read and comment on my blog. Guess what keeps me going?


I wanted to finish this list with a few great sites I’ve found and to help a great blogger in her own quest for world domination.

  • Joanne (AKA The Laid Back Buddhist) has been nominated for the Best Diarist Award in the 2007 Weblog Awards. If you’ve never read Joanne’s blog, I’d suggest you go for a visit. She’s got a humorous way of writing about her journey through life. To vote, click Vote For Joanne then scroll down to the comment left on October 16th at 1:06pm and click the + button. Way to go Joanne!
  • If you like marketing and learning about marketing terms, have a look at this very creative periodic table:

    Built by Kolbrener, a branding agency
  • Are you all aware of my RSS competition with John Chow and Shoemoney? I’ve Upped the Ante on the competition!

Have a great Tuesday. Remember to sign up for my RSS!