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Is Yahoo Punishing Me or Something?

As I was working on LewisEmpire.com last night I decided to take a few minutes and surf around MyBlogLog for a few minutes. At the stroke of 1:00am my profile was automatically logged out and I was required to spend the next 45 minutes trying to figure out what was going on.

I got a big screen that said Yahoo! owned MyBlogLog and that I needed to login with my Yahoo account. I don’t usually use Yahoo so I went through all my email and finally found one from 2004 that showed my username. Blah, Blah, Blah, I finally got my account open and then spent the next 10 minutes ‘merging’ my profiles.

Join My CommunityThrough this experience I lost:

  • 45 minutes of my life
  • My Avatar (short term loss)
  • 45 minutes of sleep (same as above)
  • Some of my last respect for Yahoo!

I understand that they want to become bigger, buy my personal information as well as the connections I’ve made online. I’m OK with that. But please don’t make using a service that I’ve been a member of since June 25th, 2007 (long term in the blogging world) a hassle!

When I tried to upload my Avatar again I was AGAIN referred back to a Yahoo page. OK. I get it! You bought MyBlogLog. Can’t they just do the biometric eye scan through my video thing here and approve me to join Debo Hobo’s community? (Can you believe after reading her blog for months I’ve never joined the community? Have you all joined mine?)

Yahoo Drowning Itself?

OK. I admit, I really don’t hate Yahoo but I’ve got to say that they could put a little more effort into some of the products that they offer.

Let’s look at two examples:
1. The Yahoo Search Marketing Screen:
Yahoo Search Screenshot
2. The Google Analytics Screen:
Google Analytics Screenshot

I don’t want to nag Yahoo but I’m pretty sure the top one could be done by my 2 1/2 year old. Remember: I’m paying for the top one (through search marketing) and the second one is free.

Here’s one more thing. I know that people have been trashing Google for their page rank reduction lately. (You may have noticed that my PageRank dropped from a 10/10 down to a 0/10 without me even noticing at first. ) Wouldn’t this be the perfect time for Yahoo to make it’s run at the blogging community? Take advantage of all the crap that Google is throwing out and get their act together (if anyone at Google or Yahoo is reading this please give me an awesome ranking or at least send back the bribery checks).

Obviously they are doing something wrong. Here’s the share prices for both Google and Yahoo as a comparison to each other:
Comparing Yahoo and Google share prices

Please, please, please Yahoo don’t wreck MyBlogLog. I just got in there and simply don’t have the time to figure out another way to show my Avatar: Lewis Empire Money Bag

PS. Google broke $600 per share. It’s IPO was at just over $85. How does that make you feel? Anyone want to guess where it will go next?

If you Yahoo and you know it join my Feed.

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