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It’s Time To Chow Your Shoe and Lewis Too

I just read about John Chow‘s competition with Shoemoney.com and I’m going to throw my own hat into the ring (read about the competition at JohnChow or ShoeMoney.)

Let’s see if you can help increase my readership and destroy both John and Jeremy at their own game. So let the competition begin.

Personally, I’m a Lewis fan first, then a Chow fan but I’ll let you decide.

To vote for LewisEmpire.com click Lewis’ RSS Current - 32
To vote for JohnChow.com click John’s RSS Current - 8585
To vote for Shoemoney.com click Jeremy’s RSS Current - 10833

* No cheating here, these are the real RSS links…

The only way I can do this is with your help. Anyone who writes about my contest will be entered to receive a LewisEmpire Review. If that’s not incentive, I’m not sure what is! (This is open to John and Jeremy too!)

Best of luck to both John and Jeremy!

I read through the Feedburner terms of service and I can’t see anything wrong with posting these links. If anyone knows differently then please let me know!

If you want to teach these guys a lesson, consider my Full Feed RSS.