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Rock Paper Scissors Roundup

My company recently had a RPS competition – that’s rock, paper, scissors to the layman. There were 64 comptetiors – who I call ‘athleates’ – and it was a ton of fun. You’ll be happy to know that I ended up in the top 8 with some solid victories. Not only that, but the entire event was for charity and with a $5.00 entry fee, we were able to dontate $250 (after trophy and prize money.)

The best parts of the entire competition was 1) the trash talk between competitiors and 2) the fun that I had destroying my first three challengers.

After being in the competition, I found it very funny how serious people got when they were competiting. One girl was very mad that a vertical paper was not accepted (paper must always be thrown with a flat hand) and one guy swore when he was down by two (we played best-out-of-five.)

Here are some great RPS sites:

World RPS – the definitive organization dedicated to the advancement of Rock, Paper Scissors as a decision making tool as well as a competitive sport. This is the international organization for RPS enthusiasts.

USARPS League – the more home-grown version of the international sport (and sponsored by Bud Light). Main differences: in the US league scissors can be thrown both horizontal and vertical. Horizontal scissors is illegal in international play.

How To Win at Rock, Paper, Scissors (and also how to cheat) is a great read for a good laugh about RPS strategy.

Rock Paper Scissors Spock Lizard – a new take on the old game.

Try playing against a computer for Rock Paper Scissors supremacy!

Rock Paper Scissors

Rock, Paper, Scissors Beer Commercial

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Have fun!

What do you prefer? Rock, Paper or Scissors?