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Top Ten Meaningless Comments – Part 2

As many of you have read in my previous post, I looked long and hard for the Top Ten Comments That Work In Any Situation to save you time when leaving posts around the web.

I fully intended to update my list sooner but I’ve been too busy and basically that’s my only excuse.

WARNING: These comments should not be used lightly. They are absolutely meaningless and will not generate the type of return traffic that you’re interested in.

If you’re only interested in getting on a high Page Rank Top Commentators list then use these like mad!

These are the comment’s I’ve got this round including the Lewis Empire reader who suggested them (no they did not use them here!)

  1. Awesome post dude! – suggested by www.four-pillars.ca
  2. Nice blog! – suggested by www.webd360.com/blog
  3. You’re such an inspiration! – suggested by dcrblogs.com
  4. I see what you mean now! – suggested by www.EricKarey.com
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    suggested by rickcaminiti.com
  6. I love seeing posts like this.
  7. Nice!
  8. Great as always!
  9. Very useful post
  10. lol

Of course, I welcome any new BS comments that aren’t listed here (as a comment). If nothing else, let me know what you think about commenting!

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