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Up the Ante On My RSS Challenge

I made a decision today regarding my RSS Challenge It’s Time To Chow Your Shoe and Lewis Too against John Chow and Shoemoney.

Shoe Me The Goods!

Anyone who writes about my competition and links to either this post or the RSS Competition post will be entered for the following:

  1. A Lewis Empire site review
  2. A Free Wealth Building Book
  3. Blogroll Listing

My review will include a feature of YOUR RSS Feed for everyone to enjoy. I will send you a copy of either a Rich Dad Poor Dad book or The Millionaire Next Door. (There are other options that will be available when the contest closes on October 31st.) You will be on my Blogroll for an undecided period of time (I don’t update it very often so it will probably be there for quite a while!)

Current Entrants

Those who have already written about it will be automatically entered (although I will consider a second entry if you write about both posts) so DeboHobo.com, dcrblogs.com and MyBlogContest have their entries! (and free links here too!)

Let’s not forget my commentators!

I’ve also decided to give a linkback in the contest summary post (scheduled for November 1st) to anyone who makes a comment on this competition post from now until the end of October.

Thanks for your support!

I’m in. Give me some great RSS.