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And The Winner Is…

I’ve been a little slow in getting this posting out. I’ve been so slow at getting this posting out that I began to wonder if I was finished blogging altogether!

So I’d like to start with a summary of my results from the competition I had starting with It’s Time To Chow Your Shoe and Lewis Too then increased in Up The Ante On My RSS Competition. Firstly, I am happy to say that my RSS readership peaked at 51 readers before Google crapped out and dragged me down.

The results are as follows:
John Chow from 8585 to 13286 readers – a gain of 54.64%
LewisEmpire from 32 to 51 readers – a gain of 59.34%
Shoemoney from 10833 to 18003 readers – a gain of 66.19%

So, with a heavy heart, I tell you that Shoemoney has beaten me. I thought that my strategy of using percentages instead of actual numbers would give me a clear advantage; however, somehow Shoemoney managed to bring in about 4,500 new readers in one day. I needed three more to take the competition and break out the champagne. No luck.

Claim The Prize

Now on to the real stuff that those who entered my contest want to know. Who won the LewisEmpire review, the business book and the blogroll listing?

The winner is…

To make the final pick, I created a spreadsheet model that randomly assigned numbers to each blogger and then created a list of 20 random number selections from that list. It then picked a random number from the group and that gave me an entry. My final step in randomness was to run through the model 25 times (created a quick macro to do this for me) and whammo…pick number 25 was Debo Hobo!

dcrblogs came in a close second followed by MyBlogContest who had two entries for writing about my contest twice!

Honorable Mention

Here are the list of all the bloggers who spent their time and helped me break the 50 reader mark and build my RSS:

I’d like to give a great thanks to everyone who helped me reach the 51!

Comments Count!

I also mentioned that I would give a shout out to those who commented on the articles. Here is the distinguished list of people (including those above) who added value to my site.

Four Pillars
Jeanne Dininni
Etienne Tao
Danny @ blogsformoney
Mary Freebies

Thanks for your comments!

Debo Hobo’s review will be coming as soon as I can go back through her site again and give her my best! Have a great weekend…

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